• Local, global, and back again.

    Back in 1788, when Century Inn was built, local produce was the name of the game.  A day was likely the limit for perishable items (especially in the summer).  Boat, cart, and foot were the means of shipping; relegating “local” to a day’s float, ride, or walk.  Many of the […]

  • Arctic char: Not local but they have relatives from Pennsylvania.

    While we are far from its native range, the arctic char entrée is one that I consider historically reasonable.  Our native salmonid (and state fish) is the brook trout.  While its common name is trout, it is classified in the genus Salvelinus making it a char.  Taxonomically speaking it is […]

  • Happy Earth Day: The earth made your food!

    I think that Earth Day is a concept that we can all generally get behind.  After all, Earth is where we’re all from and we have yet to find food available elsewhere.   There are certainly controversial topics associated with environmental awareness and protection but there is also a lot of […]

  • Rabbit Paprikash with a recipe.

    I suspect that the rationale for having rabbit on the menu is clear.  Before state mandated standards and refrigeration, local sourcing of ingredients was a necessity as opposed to a decision.  Anyone that keeps a garden in the area knows that Eastern Cottontail rabbit abound.  Since they have been historically […]

  • Greetings

    I’m Chef Matt Kinsey and it’s spring!  I’ve been here through a year and I would like to take this time of re-awakening to introduce myself and some of my ideas about the service of food at Century Inn.  We’ve just rolled out the spring menus and opened for our […]