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Guest Rooms – Zephanie Riggle’s House of Entertainment

Zephanie Riggle’s House of Entertainment Built in the early 1800’s and located directly across the street from the Inn, this house was once the towns local brothel! It houses three of our larger, more spacious rooms. Two rooms take up the first floor while the Lilly Beckman takes up the entire second floor.


Fannie O'Brien Room for Rent

Fannie O’Brien

In addition to the working fireplace, you’ll find a 19th Century walnut blind door corner cupboard, a carved East-lake dresser, spinning wheel, and a Queen Sleigh bed.
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Kitty Gumbert

This suite features an Eastlake pump organ, an Eastlake dresser, Victorian dressing table, working fireplace, and a Rococo-style mid-19th Century carved Victorian walnut double bed.
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Lilly Beckman

This luxurious spacious suite includes a sitting area, sleeping area, loft, and balcony.
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