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The shops of Scenery Hill are open for business: come, shop, and eat some meatloaf!

This weekend is the open house for the shops of Scenery Hill.   Please come out and support local independent businesses!  While you’re in town, come to Century Inn for our weekend lunch feature:  Vistamont Farms Meatloaf.

The late Paul Newman first introduced me to the concept that informed my decision to occasionally feature meatloaf.   Not as an actor but as a sustainable food advocate.  I don’t remember the specific program, but it was an interview with him and a chef (presumably from one of his restaurants).  In the interview he was justifying the decision not to serve steak.  He instead was advocating the use of ground beef.   The justification was that it is wasteful because such a small portion of each cow ends up as steaks.

When you break it down you can’t deny the logic.  After bones, hide, organs and fat a 1200 pound live animal yields about 40% usable meat or 480 pounds (igrow.org).  The last trimmed strip loin that I bought for steaks weighed about 11 pounds.  There are two of these per animal.  Ribeye (Delmonico steaks) are around 15 pounds apiece and tenderloins are 7 to 10 pounds.  So optimistically you are looking at less than 100 pounds of premium steaks per animal.   Like all industry, the beef industry is efficient and try’s to minimize waste.  Certainly there are outlets for other cuts and ground beef but it’s a bourgeoisie attitude to just skim the cream from the top and leave what is left for those that come after you.

It is in that vein that we feature meatloaf, a way to utilize ground beef beyond the predictable hamburger.  It certainly fits with our goal of rustic cuisine.  If you like meatloaf, you will like ours.  I normally try not to be boastful but this is a product that I am proud of.   I promise that if you come try our meatloaf you will be satisfied.

The shops of Scenery Hill have a lot to offer.  Follow this link to our local attractions page to explore them further.

Like the shops and Century Inn, Vistamont Farms is an independent business.  They produce pasture raised beef right here in Scenery Hill.  They sell directly to the public so on your way out of town you could pick up some of their beef products (though you ought to call ahead).  I have plans to do another post exclusively about them later so I won’t digress further.

So please, come out and do some shopping and try our weekend feature!  And if shopping and dining in beautiful Scenery Hill isn’t enough, here is an added incentive:  We offer the meatloaf dinner for $15.  If you bring a receipt from one of the local shops we’ll drop the price to $10.  So shop early and shop often.

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